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Scotchlite Removable Graphic Film              Comply Performance

Advantages                                                                                3M Scotchlite Removable Graphic Film with Comply Performance Series 680CR is a durable, flexible, retro-reflective film designed for commercial vehicle and railroad graphics, as well as striping. For commercial vehicles it has a seven-year exterior durability, and is easily removable with heat, leaving minimal or no adhesive residue, for up to that full seven years. The film can be used on flat, riveted, moderately curved and corrugated surfaces, as well as stainless steel substrates. It has a similar daytime and nighttime appearance, and it retains 90 percent of its retro-reflectivity even when when totally wet.

Film Series 680CR has a positionable, pressure-activated adhesive and the new Comply Performance feature that makes high quality installations easier. channels in the adhesive allow trapped air to escape, providing a smooth application in less time. And, the film's removable adhesive allows for faster removal with minimal adhesive residue.

Typical Applications

Retro-reflective fleet and railroad graphics and striping

Graphics subjected to fuel vapors or occasional spills

Graphics applied to stainless steel substrates





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